Breakfast with the Easter Bunny April 19
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What is a reptile?

Reptiles are vertebrates, they have scaly skin that keeps their bodies from drying out, their young do not go through a larva stage like amphibians, but instead look like small versions of the adults when they hatch. Reptiles are ectotherms, so they must bask in the sun or find a warm spot to get warm and become active, and they must find shade or a cool spot to cool off. In cold conditions they become sluggish and don't move around much, and some enter a state of torpor or hibernation if it will be cold for a long time.

Reptiles at the Plumpton Park Zoo

The zoo is home to: African Sulcata Tortoise, American Alligator, Burmese Python, Graceful Chameleon, Red Footed Tortoise, and Red Eared Sliders

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