Continental Giant Rabbit

Lepus curpaeums
The Continental Giant is the largest breed of
domesticated rabbit. They are a recognized breed in the
United Kingdom and Europe. There are less than fi ve
breeders of these rabbits in the United States including
Plumpton Park Zoo. The breed was originally developed
from the Flemish Giant. The world’s two largest rabbits
Continental Giants. One being 4 feet 3 inches long and
the other being the heaviest rabbit weighing almost 55
pounds! Rabbits have dynamic personalities and can
form bonds with their owners. Many can be trained.
They’re very social, curious, and playful animals.


Continental Giants eat vegetables, grasses, some
fruits and the branches and sticks from willow trees.


Size: 2 – 3.5 feet length
Weight: 20 – 30 lbs
Lifespan: years in the wild