Siamang Gibbon

Symphalangus syndactylus

The Siamang gibbons are rare, small, slender, long-armed, tree-dwelling apes. Siamangs live in the upper canopy of tropical rainforests in Malaysia and Sumatra (in southeast Asia). They have long, dense, shaggy, black hair on most of their body. Like all apes, they have no tail.
Siamangs can also leap acrobatically from tree branch to tree branch across large gaps in the tree canopy. They have been known to leap over 30 feet in a single jump!
Siamang gibbons sleep sitting upright in the fork of a tree, usually alone but sometimes huddled together. They are monogamous and have an enlarged throat sac to amplify their sound.


Siamang gibbons feed on fruit, leaves, flowers, seeds, tree bark, as well as insects, spiders, bird eggs, and small birds.


Size: 25-30 inches
Weight: 17-23 lbs
Lifespan: 35-40 years in the wild.