Armed with a 4.3 rating review on Yelp and an ‘A+’ System Overview on Better Business Bureau, the Plumpton Park Zoo is a quaint little zoo in Maryland USA, along Maryland Route 273, situated in the Rising Sun. Open for over two decades, the park boasts of large open air and spacious enclosures for the animals, which cover a wide variety of species including tigers, bears, giraffes, and also smaller barnyard and farm animals like owls, rabbits, and goats. Additionally, parking at the zoo is free, and visiting in the warmer months translates into an entire day of fun and frolic with the animals.

The Plumpton Park Zoo is known for taking in animals that are in distress, and the Zoo works tirelessly to ensure that the animals live a healthy, cruelty-free, and happy life. Customer and animal interaction is intimate and personal, with amnesties being made for customers to easily feed and pet the animals. The general atmosphere of the Zoo is more laid back and bucolic, with a setting that looks like it is in the middle of nowhere. The Zoo has a pretty mix of animals, with admission rates being much cheaper as compared to places like Baltimore or Philly.

One of the main reasons that make Plumpton Park Zoo a must visit is Jimmie the Giraffe, who is now twenty years old. The mascot of the Zoo, Jimmie the Giraffe is a friendly, harmless friend, who loves interacting with humans, and on any given day, can be seen having a good time with the visitors of the zoo. In the end, Plumpton Park Zoo is a must visit for the people who love animals, want to interact with them on a one to one basis, as it brings one closer to nature and makes a person appreciate all furry friends in the world.


  1. Do you have a listing of when the animals are fed and can visitors watch? My granddaughter’s love watching animals and would be interested in that activity?

  2. We do not as we try not to feed the animals at the exact time each day. If the get fed at certain times they can become habitual which is not a normal wild behavior. The exception is the giraffe feeding station which starts at 11:00 each day if the giraffes are interested.

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